The Hot Comb and Its Many Uses

It is exciting for the beauty conscious to think about the hot comb and it’s many uses.  There is much to consider, but before you get into the various possibilities of using a hot comb, how about becoming savvy on some neat facts?

History Of The Hot Comb

The history of the hot comb began in France where women desired to have straight hair.  This desire came from the history of the Egyptian women who had very straight hair.  It is unknown who invented the hot comb as it was extensively popular in France around 1845.

Annie Malone Hot Comb Inventor

Annie Malone may be attributed as the one who invented the hot comb but historically she is known to have the first patent.  A former worker of hers, CJ Walker, later improved on the tool in the 1900s.

The history of the hot comb had a controversial start among African Americans, who were the ones  predominately using it in the United States at the time.  It was believed that when African Americans straightened their hair it was like giving up a part of their cultural identity.  The straightening trend gathered steam over time, ultimately making the hot comb a very hot commodity over the last 100 or so years.

How To Use A Hot Comb

The hot comb, though controversial has become a part of beauty enhancement.  It is essential to take into consideration that this object to beautify you does come with some precautions.

  • You should using heat protectors for your hair. Different hair may heat faster than others.  Also, do not use it on damp or wet hair as this may actually cause the heat to increase and burn your hair.
  • The heat of the comb may burn ears or face if you are not careful.

The hot comb began with it’s predominant use to straighten the hair that is curly.  Take caution when using the comb on straight hair as this may actually be damaging.

What Kind??

Styling Hot Comb

Choosing your hot comb can be determined by the type of hair style you plan to use the comb for.  The types of the comb will vary as follows:

  • A pressing comb where the comb is heated directly
  • An electrically heated comb

Each comb will provide the ability to straighten hair but the pressing comb that is heated directly does a better job. It is best to use the electrically heated comb afterwards for touch ups.  Make sure that your hair is completely dry and start working on small sections at a time. It is best to start on the back of the hair. To make working with your hair easier use clips to hold the hair you are not working with.  Warm up the comb directly on a burner. Allow the comb to get hot but not so hot  that it can be hazardous and burn you.  A good indicator the comb is too hot is when it starts smoking.


How To Use a Hot Comb

To protect your scalp from being burned be sure to allow at least ½ inch down on the hair to run the comb. Take the comb through the very end of the part you are working with.  For easier manageability do small sections at a time from each section you divided and run the comb several times through the hair till it is straightened.  Take care that you remove any moisture that may have accumulated on the comb prior to reheating it. Repeat this process each time.

Once you understand the basics you can now use the hot comb and it’s many uses to create a variety of styles. Styles you can create are a bob style by using the comb to flip your ends under the hair.  Press the hair outward for yet another effect, especially if you have shoulder length hair.  The creativity is up to you.

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