Why People Love Wooden Combs

Girl Using A Wooden Comb

Girl Using A Wooden Comb

Combs have been around for many centuries and the earliest use can be traced back till around 6000 years ago.  Archeologists discovered that in China, 5000 year B.C., Wooden combs were used by people as a status symbol and to show off prosperity. Over many years, various types of combs have been developed for many different hair lengths, texture and types.  Usually, combs are used in order to detangle (wet) hair or to flatten and tame stray hairs. In addition, combs are also used in order to hold your hair into one position while a ponytail is being set in place.  In the modern day society, nearly all people own one or more combs. Over 94% of the male population and 98% of the female population in developed countries posses a comb and 99% of the people who owns a comb uses it on a daily basis.  Considering the importance of styling and personal grooming in modern day society this statistic is not very surprising.  In addition, it has been shown that people that do not use combs are much more likely to get discolored hair or hair loss at a young age.

Why People Use Wooden Combs

Combs can be made out of various materials but plastic and wood are the most common.  Wooden combs in particular are the most interesting type as they are distinctively different from other types of combs because of their unique properties.  Plastic combs for example, a commonly used material for the construction of combs, can create static electricity, making hair difficult to handle and straightening very difficult.  This is not the case for wooden combs as the amount of static electricity that is generated is much lower than that of plastic combs.  One other advantage is the absorption of sebum.  Sebum is a type of oil that is naturally produced by the scalp but can cause damage if it builds up.  Sebum is known to weaken hair at its roots and for occasionally clogging hair follicles.  Unlike plastic combs, wooden combs are able to absorb sebum and promote an even distribution of sebum across the scalp, greatly preventing sebum buildup and protecting your scalp.  Despite the damage that sebum can do to your hair, an even distribution of sebum  across the scalp will protect the hair and give it a natural shine.  Moreover, wooden combs are known to greatly reduce the amount of split ends and broken hair when compared to plastic combs, making them the preferred type of comb for most people.  Aside from these benefits, combs made out of wood are also known for their crafted and attractive look.  It combines a smooth, polished and crafted feeling with the experience of owning something worthwhile, a real accessory that not only delivers top hair styling, but also gives you an item that’s unique.  Generally speaking, there are various reasons why people believe that wooden combs are far more superior than other types of combs, including:

-          No generation of static electricity

-          Softer and fuller hair

-          A healthier scalp and reduced hair loss due to the even distribution of sebum

-          Less split ends and broken hair

-          Faster hair growth. Healthy hair grows faster than damaged hair

-          Easier generation of natural curls. Superior material allows for more styling options

-          Ease of use.  Many people report that the feeling is superior to other types of combs

Specialized Uses

Combs are also used for other uses than merely combing your hair.  For example, historically speaking, combs were mainly used for delousing.  These types of combs have very fine teeth which allow for the removal of many different kinds of macroscopic parasites.  While often used on pets like dogs or cats, they are also used for children or adults which have lice, fleas or mite problems.  Nowadays, combs are also sometimes used as a decoration, to be worn in the hair. While not commonly seen, these combs are placed into hair, such as an afro, as an accessory.

Combs are not only specifically designed for the use in hair. In industry or craft, cotton fibers are separated from seeds and debris using specialized combs.  For example, a major part of the Industrial Revolution was the invention of the cotton gin, which is essentially a major version of a mechanized comb.

Current Manufacturers And Where To Buy

Comb manufactures are found all over the world.  However, it is known that there is a huge variety of different types of combs available on the global market and that the quality tends to differ.  Combs made in Asia are commonly cheaper, but also require overseas shipping and are often made of inferior quality.  In modern and developed countries, they can usually be found in shopping centers or crafts stores.  High-end combs, which are of the highest quality and can last a life-time, can be purchased from various specialized companies.  Sierra Legacy Hardwood Combs over at combmaker.com are some of the finest combs we’ve seen on the net.  They are very high quality and reasonably priced.  In addition, they are highly prized by some big Hollywood stars and are used by a number of professional hair stylists.

The Most Highly Sought Wooden combs In The Market

Looking at the comb market today, the popularity of combs is defined by both price and quality.  The best combs are hand crafted, but they also come with a price tag.  In addition, if you order a hand crafted comb that is made out of special types of wood, this will add an extra level exclusivity.

User Feedback And Specific User Comments

Wooden combs are so favored for many reasons, but different people like them for different reasons:

Amy: “It has never been so easy for me to detangle my hair.  The finish of this comb is so smooth and there is no pulling or snagging.  I have long hair and it has always been a struggle to find the right comb, but wood is the my new favorite from now on.  I can recommend this to everyone.”

Rachel: “One of my friends recommended me to try a wooden, instead of a my old plastic comb, and the difference is amazing.  I have always been troubled with tangled hair that generates static electricity easy and this comb just makes it so easy to handle.  I have also used to have a problem with hair being left on my comb after combing but now, there is virtually none!  Compared to my previous plastic comb, this truly is a world of difference”

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